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Products / prototypes

More than 10 times we have introduced a “world first”. Let us create your next product whether physical or digital - or in between.

We know what life on the breaking point of innovation is like. More than 10 times we have introduced a “world first”. From the first example of mobile based tourist information to free music as part your mobile subscription. Or the world’s first beer brewed on Arctic herbs, the first intelligent firefighter suit or the first screen for live images made from concrete. We can help you steer through technology reviews, create sticky design from user perspectives and go from illustration to mockup to first prototype. We can build and test applicable business models and help you move your darling into the limelight of the social media ramp.

Digital solution

We have made crowdfunding platforms and tools for community building. We have scaled digital solutions for schools that was heralded as one of the ten most important contribution to the Danish school system (Mandag Morgen). Made dashboards for public organisations to keep track of ongoing projects in realtime. And built ipad formats to seemlessly take over from printed publications. Whatever the digital need, we have the digital craftsman approach and tailor make it to perfection and for ultimate user experience, functionally and aesthetically.

Physical products

Just as stores cannot do with just one strategy for physical layout, real products need a way to reinforce consumer connection and provide a service level to increase customer experience and provide valuable feedback. We can help you do this and take your lamp, vase, nut and bolt into the digital domain. We know the global IoT opportunities, we speak industry 4.0/5.0 and can cover full stack from user centric solution to business model and technical and legally valid data extraction.

Service innovation

As a BtB or BtC company you are in the services game with just as much room for disruption and renewal as the market calls for. No physical boundaries provide the constraints. We can help you innovate your product as a service provider, help you reinvent your role and support it – if need be – with digital frameworks and platforms, adding the customer experience and your client ownership. We can help spiff up your services so you can differ, be unique and stay relevant.


Ørsted: Digital Gamification Platform

In 2017 the Danish company DONG, who works within energy, changed their name to Ørsted. Innovation Lab provided a digital solution in order to engage employees in the change.
ProjectPad København kommune

ProjectPad: Copenhagen Municipality

Innovation Labs digital platform, ProjectPad, helped the municipality of Copenhagen gather internal ideas and turn them into real projects.

The Agency for Digitisation: Future of communication

Alongside digitalization comes a change in the need for public communication. Innovation Lab contributed with knowledge and perspectives in regards to the strategy of future communication and the initiative...

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