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Through keynotes, articles, workshops, seminars, and projects, we provide comprehensive insight into opportunities and challenges for companies and organizations in relation to new technologies, organizational development, innovation formats, and future business. Our customers include mastodons like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Audi, and Mars, and proud Nordic companies like Statoil, DNB, IKEA, Vestas, LEGO, B&O and the A.P. Moller Maersk Group.

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Blog 15 March 2022

Are you one of our two new fall interns?

Are you a graphic genius? Or do you know a communication-spell that will convince your audience?
Blog 12 January 2022

The power of Gen Z: You need to be authentic

Wouldn't you love for your workforce and stakeholders to be influenced by authentic people?
Blog 06 December 2021

Diversity and innovation for a better world

Diversify or die.

Event 20 April 2023

Innovation that Fails

If you have a person or a team in charge of innovation, you may be going on the wrong path.
Event 04 May 2023

How to build a deep-trust organization

The way you handle trust - internally and externally - is the new competitive advantage.
Event 08 June 2023

How to use Design for Strategy

Say goodbye to Excel sheets and ppt-strategy papers no one is going to read. Learn and try design-led methods and tools to solve your toughest business challenges.
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