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Try a completely different and highly dynamic format for your next workshop

Tired of non-energising energizers and feel stale mated by post-it-note wielding consultants? Try a completely different and highly dynamic format for your next workshop. We favor engaging and playful processes that are thoroughly tested for great yield and high participant satisfaction. In interactive sessions, the means are the end and you need to pick a framework that can entice all and bring out the locked perspectives, hidden angles and unfettered ideas. We have introduced hackathons more than a decade ago in Denmark and facilitated companies like Santander and Maersk in their efforts to harvest concrete and valuable ideas from a broader base. Below you will find a small selection of different workshop formats, which we provide.

Cannibal - one-day workshop

We let someone else eat your business when you can do it yourself? Our Cannibal session makes a mockery of peaceful post-it notes-based idea sessions when your department is transformed to a fuming hotbed of startups for the day, spewing great ideas to eat your market share. Cannibal has resulted in several new and surprising revenue streams to many clients but all revel in the sheer fun as you live the ways of a new world startup and learn to make the perfect pitch.

Hackathon - one or two-day workshop

Take a clear target and set the proces free. Bring your sharpest minds or invite resources from outside. We steer you through the most fruitful of digital dev ops tools to apply it to any must win battle or goal, taking participants from chaotic brainstorming through the loops to a final pitch that can be supported by professional graphics in order to visualize the outcome.

Game-based facilitation - one-day workshop

Want to steer clear of shitstorms or ride them when they hit you? Want to connect unconnected resources from separate departments into new and rewarding solutions? Want a fun and engaging way to have employees come up with great ideas to tackle challenges? Or have everyone make sense of company data and turn it into products and services in the Data Challenge? Our one-day games are guranteed to yield coveted results in unpredictable and really fun ways.


The Agency for Digitisation: Future of communication

Alongside digitalization comes a change in the need for public communication. Innovation Lab contributed with knowledge and perspectives in regards to the strategy of future communication and the initiative Digital Post 3.0 for the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

Silicon Valley Tour Innovation Lab

Silicon Valley Tour

10 years ago we took our most forward-thinking clients on a Silicon Valley deep dive. Since then we’ve hosted dozens of groups in what has to be the most competitive business environment on Earth.

Gründerhub Accelerator Program Innovation Lab Norge

Gründerhub Accelerator

Perhaps the biggest developments in corporate innovation over the last 5 years has been the rise of Accelerator programs. In Norway, Innovation Lab helped one of the biggest banks build a comprehensive startup program which led to the adoption and investment of a $100 million startup technology company.

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