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We have access to the freshest insights and latest practises from snazzy startups and nimble footed corporates

The fastest way to “get the picture” is to have perspectives drawn up in a passionate and engaging talk by one of our passionate and engaging agents, trained in the samurai art of delivering relevant, striking blows to any audience. We are all relentless knowledge and fresh case gatherers but unlike a run-of-the-mill futurologist, we can mix prediction with conviction as we often speak from experience, having worked practically in deeper projects with trendy concepts like AI, self driving cars or cryptocurrencies. Innovation Lab spans three continents and with an office on the front, in renowned Silicon Valley, we have access to the freshest insights and latest practises from snazzy startups and nimble footed corporates. We often know and work with our sources and JC, our Man in the valley, teaches highly rated courses at Stanford in Rapid Prototyping and the Science of Failure.

The “blow me away” keynote

Want the humor and panache of a standup with the tip-of-the-iceberg impressiveness of a TED-talk? We do that. We are experts in taking organizations from industrial to digital and do approximately 300 well-rated keynotes a year within new technologies, organizational development and innovation formats – all with close relevance to your industry and riddled with cases and insights from an international arena.

The “quick and dirty” keynote

Sometimes you just need to blow your audience off their socks in 20 minutes. We can. Angles can be provocative and fresh or cover the next horizon within your industry. It can be a glimpse of a fascinating future, based on present examples, or it can be the “why not” angle you were looking for to put new perspectives and ideas in the mind of the listeners.

Interactive talkshops/ mini workshop

Tired of one way messaging? Then opt for an interactive talkshop where our highly rated keynote talks come expertly facilitated in an engaging and invigorating format that can be design for the audience to interact with each other and share own experience for a great and surprising added dimension. This format typically takes 1 or 2 hours for best result.

den perfekte kundecentriske leverandør
Blog 12 June 2018

The perfect supplier: 3 simple steps

Numerous surveys points toward the fact that the end user prefers quality over price. As B2B supplier, you can boost your business model significantly, if you focus on the goal – your customer’s customers – instead of the ball. But how?

Storytelling your way to innovation
Blog 06 June 2018

Storytelling Your Way to Innovation

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Teaching disruption
Blog 26 November 2017

Teaching, disrupted

Learning is not what it used to be.

Silicon Valley Tour Trip Innovation Lab
Event 26 November 2018

Silicon Valley Tour

Join us for one intensive week in the most competitive business environment on the planet!

Event 22 March 2017

Masterclass: Personal Branding – find your compass

Personal branding – finding the essence of who you are

Event 23 February 2018

Briefing: Incubators, Accelerators & Innovation Spaces

How do you create that start-up feeling in your company?

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