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Juan Carlos Velten

It does not have to be time-consuming or expensive to build – and grow – your brand. This, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Innovation Lab Silicon Valley, Juan Carlos Velten, has proven countless times within his previous jobs brand expert at Proctor & Gamble, founder of the innovation agency Zealmark, chairman at Harvard Business School Community Partners and teacher at Stanford University.

At Zealmark, Juan Carlos helped tech companies in Silicon Valley creating unique, sticky brands, develop various innovation processes and creating a culture of innovators amongst the employees. In his function at Harvard Business School, he doubled the number of supporting alumnies within the 30-year-old organization. At Proctor & Gambles international department, he worked efficiently with the branding of new product lines, and in his time as a teacher at Stanford University, he developed various techniques within branding – “Rapid Branding”, “Personal Branding” and “Branding-Compass”.

Furthermore, in 2000, he founded the tech company SoftCoin and created the first offline-to-online-campaigns for a wide range of sub-brands at Dr. Pepper, Unilever, Nestle & Kraft.

In Innovation Lab, Juan Carlos (or just JC) is in charge of our branding department where he – amongst others – have hosted several brand workshops in both Denmark, Norway, Dubai and, of course, USA. Furthermore, he collaborates with both Trinity Alps Capital, Joi Scientific, and Mayfield.

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