About Innovation Lab

About Innovation Lab

International outlook Contextualized - We help orginizations stay relevant.

Since 2001, we have established an international network comprising close to 2500 connections within worldwide research, product development and entrepreneurship. This network operates as our antennae providing us with insights on emerging technologies, their potential and of who has advanced the furthest and with what.  

Through talks, articles, workshops, seminars and projects we strive to provide a comprehensive list of the potentials and challenges facing businesses and organisations; and here our extensive insight is a valuable advantage. And there is a widespread interest. The Innovation Lab customer portfolio encompasses international giants such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Microsoft, HP and Mars as well as proud Danish brands such as Vestas, LEGO, B&O and the A.P. Moller Maersk Group. We are approximately 20 employees; and, annually, we give more than 250 talks and keynotes. We appear in the national dailies on a regular basis giving our opinion on trends and technology impacting society and business.

Innovation Lab is a limited company. Our strength rests on a foundation of comprehensive knowledge, a flair for dissemination and a capacity for innovation. Three building blocks never occurring in isolation. For purposes of optimising the target focus of our services, Innovation Lab has, however, been divided into super-optimized start ups. You can see an overview of them below and read more about some of them here.

The Innovation Lab story

The first PC he brought back to Denmark blew up. Since then, the IT-guru Preben Mejer did better. After introducing the PC to the Danes, he also presented them with the internet. In 2001 he met Mads Thimmer and together they started Innovation Lab. Innovation Lab has since then continuously evolved with technology and trends to become a company with 25 employees and a large international network of experts from all continents.

 A number of prototypes have been brought to life at the Gepetto-like tool shop in Aarhus: The first intelligent fire man suit, the first TV/computer screen made out of concrete, intelligent soccer shirts and water beds connected to the internet to prevent bedsores. The combination of business understanding, user insights and technological visions were and still are the fundamental characteristics of Innovation Lab.

Today we are a group of dedicated startups owned by Innovation Lab that have a broad scope and deep competencies. You can find us here.

A short video of who we are: