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Stanford University and Innovation Lab have partnered to offer Stanford’s New Venture Development course in the Nordics.

The course is offered in Copenhagen and Aarhus, both groups run between August 19 and November 1st, 2019, and are limited to 48 professionals each.

New Venture Development

Certificate Course

To stay relevant, individuals and organizations need to learn the skills required to organize innovation in a practical way that results in new products and services that fit the organization, that move the business forward, and that people actually want to buy.

This learning program combines in person teaching and coaching, online content with adjunct materials, and presentation feedback and guidance. The course culminates in a final presentation to a panel of entrepreneurial and business experts and a certificate from Stanford University.

The course has 3 critical components:

  1. We begin by assessing the viability of a new business idea & developing a business concept.
  2. From there, our focus shifts to the go-to-market, product development, and financial strategies, all founded on the principles of running a data-driven organization using metrics & measurable milestones.
  3. In the final component of the program we explore the leading practices & techniques used in pitching and articulating a new venture.
Practical Entrepreneurship. Delivered.

The 10-week, after-work, entrepreneurship course is designed around a cohort of only 12 teams of 4 professionals each, from a variety of backgrounds and intentions, who have the goal of either launching a new venture opportunity inside a company or independently, or learning the process and the critical thinking behind some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative small and large companies.

Each week begins with a two-hour live lecture at night given by Stanford and Innovation Lab faculty. The rest of the week, participants work at their own pace in teams of four members, learning through online content that includes videos, presentations, frameworks and exercises. From day one, each team works on building a business plan to develop an idea they may be already working on, or one they develop in the class. All teams have access to office hours given remotely by Stanford’s Teaching Assistants in Silicon Valley.

A Curriculum Designed to Give You Wings

The Stanford New Venture Development certificate course teaches the practical aspects of taking an idea from conception to execution. Modules 1 to 9 teach all students the same concepts of conceptualizing, planning and organizing. Modules 10 -12 enable students to choose to learn the principles of intrapreneurship and making ideas happen inside organizations, or choose to learn how to organize and get funding for a startup.

Course runs for 10 weeks from August 19 to November 1, 2019.

Learn to fly higher from world-class experts.

Our two faculty heads, Pedram Mokrian and JC Velten, coordinate the team of 10 teachers who teach the the New Venture Development course, all of whom are certified to teach the class by Stanford.

Faculty Heads

Pedram Mokrian, Stanford University

Pedram teaches new venture creation at Stanford University and sits on the Board of Directors of several large and small companies. As a former principal of Mayfield, one of the largest venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, his expertise lies at the intersection of how new technologies (connected devices, mobile, software systems), analytics (big data stack), and new business models (consumer marketplaces, product driven services) can disrupt large incumbent markets such as energy, manufacturing, logistics, education, and commerce. Pedram holds several degrees in engineering and a Ph.D. from Stanford University with a focus on Operations Research.

Read more about Pedram here:

JC Velten, Innovation Lab

JC is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and the pitch trainer for all startups in SpareBank1’s Grunderhub accelerators in Norway. In 2000 he founded SoftCoin, the first internet currency, which he scaled and sold eleven years later. JC also heads the non-profit arm of Harvard in Silicon Valley. JC holds three US Patents, is a guest lecturer at Stanford University and a judge at UC Berkeley’s Launch! New Venture Competition. JC has an MBA from Harvard Business School and two undergraduate degrees – in Economics and Business – from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Space for the 2019 fall sessions in Copenhagen and Aarhus is limited to only 48 professionals.

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