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We are digital craftsmen. From buttons and widgets to entire web universes, we can craft your digital vision.

Giving a digital body to your ideas or ambitions is an effective and fast way to onboard citizens, clients, and users in general. We have worked in web and visuals for more than a decade and always work out a solution that centers on customer experience and takes the destination – how your audience should feel – as the point of departure. It works. We have made digital prototypes that now are fully working financial products in the 3-digit mio DKK class, onboarded patients and staff at hospitals for hygiene procedures and built effective pitches for new product lines. Usually, our portfolio falls into one of three categories:

Animation video

Whether it is your overall company profile or a health and safety instruction, videos get the message across in a rich and convincing manner. We can animate your annual report, your customer pledge, your HR strategy or your crowdfunding campaign. If you are looking for a way to onboard target groups fast and convincingly, you should consider a video animation.

Web Development

We are digital craftsmen. Just like our predecessors worked with wood intarsia, elaborate cast iron moulds or timberframe structures, we feel part of a tangible tradition that is all about mastering a craft, turning our mastery of tools and methods into deeply satisfactory ways or marrying form and content, function and aesthetics. From buttons and widgets to entire web universes, we can craft your digital vision.

Graphic Design

Impressive and lucid formats are important – because they work. Make sure your content and your intent travels in the best possible manner. That is why we have a longstanding inclination towards putting striking formats to the task of conveying messages. If you want a fast way to connect with audiences. Anything from posters to concept illustrations, from product vision to full visual identity, we have gone the mile and will gladly do it again for your idea, product or plan.


The Agency for Digitisation: Future of communication

Alongside digitalization comes a change in the need for public communication. Innovation Lab contributed with knowledge and perspectives in regards to the strategy of future communication and the initiative Digital Post 3.0 for the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

Silicon Valley Tour Innovation Lab

Silicon Valley Tour

10 years ago we took our most forward-thinking clients on a Silicon Valley deep dive. Since then we’ve hosted dozens of groups in what has to be the most competitive business environment on Earth.

Gründerhub Accelerator Program Innovation Lab Norge

Gründerhub Accelerator

Perhaps the biggest developments in corporate innovation over the last 5 years has been the rise of Accelerator programs. In Norway, Innovation Lab helped one of the biggest banks build a comprehensive startup program which led to the adoption and investment of a $100 million startup technology company.

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