Don’t expect 10 month interview sessions and the traditional waterfall mission vision strategy consulting from us

Everything hinges on your overall approach. Your “strategy” – even though the word means something completely different to Innovation Lab. Don’t expect 10 month interview sessions and the traditional waterfall mission vision strategy consulting from us. Expect a focus on purpose and roles, a fast way to execute on attaining this and above all a commitment to instate a culture where traditional strategy consultants are building structures for you to inhabit.

Grand plan strategy

This is the Big Hairy Audacious Goal – who are you as an organisation, what is your role in life and where will this take you? By establishing this, maybe as a 30 year goal, we can establish direction. Then we can focus on building the momentum to move in that direction with all the small steps that it entails. We have made grand strategies for educational institutions, for large private biochemicals, NGOs and fintech startups, for munis and government initiatives. An output can be a 30 year outlook + a 6 month detailed plan as we believe in keeping your head high but feet on the ground as your walk turns you into the culture you need to be.

Data strategy

All companies and organisations hinge on data. It is the new oil, it is your most important raw material but also the stuff that makes great wrapping for customer experiences. More than anything, the way you treat your data tells you who you are. We help you take an ethical stance on your data and turn it into actionable decisions, calculate effects, clear all legal aspects, turn it into a marketing asset and can help you go through all stages of implementation. As we have done for IT companies and media organisations alike.

Digital strategy

Want to know how to make the most of “digital”? we have crafted digital strategies in both public and private organisations and always start with an understanding of the New World terms. To us, Digital is more important than industrial and a completely new mindset that needs to be adopted. From purpose statements, reorganisation and communication, to tools, platforms and dashboards, we can help you go truly digital and be a talent magnet for the next generation.

den perfekte kundecentriske leverandør
Blog 12 June 2018

The perfect supplier: 3 simple steps

Numerous surveys points toward the fact that the end user prefers quality over price. As B2B supplier, you can boost your business model significantly, if you focus on the goal – your customer’s customers – instead of the ball. But how?

Storytelling your way to innovation
Blog 06 June 2018

Storytelling Your Way to Innovation

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Silicon Valley Tour Innovation Lab

Silicon Valley Tour

10 years ago we took our most forward-thinking clients on a Silicon Valley deep dive. Since then we’ve hosted dozens of groups in what has to be the most competitive business environment on Earth.

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