Pretotypes / tests

Pretotypes and structured processes for testing help provide a format to try out lots of ideas to give you a better pick when choosing THE right product. Or products, as it often turns out.

Design Thinking has helped us graduate from a prototype reality where elaborate constructions were loosely founded but detailed in design before a first user encounter. Now, pretotypes and structured processes for testing help provide a format to try out lots of ideas to give you a better pick when choosing THE right one. Or ones, as it often turns out. Innovation Lab has built known banking products that originated as mere visual, but fully clickable, pretotypes – designed as an illustration before a line of code was produced. Showing is far superior to telling when the objective is to convince yourself of the durability of an idea or to test for user reactions. No-one can easily relate to a description when trying to understand a concept – so why not give them a sample experience.

Pretotype shortlist

Get your ideas translated into a pretotype shortlist that can be exemplified, illustrated and enhanced for better onboarding. Pick 5, 7, 10 or 100 ideas and let us describe how to best test them for user reactions. We can prioritise, estimate and help your best shots on the way to that feared and longed for reality encounter.


There are several approaches to launching a pretotype – is it a visual mockup that best defines your idea? a temporary event to test it? a fake but clickable website to lure out user praise/contempt? We apply our full experience that has turned loose ideas into multimio DKK spinning banking concepts when building your pretotype as a vessel for bringing a daring idea into this world.

Full test program

Get your hunches proved, discarded or improved by your target audience and save yourself a ton of cash and hours. It is essential to software development and should be to all development processes – use your final destination as the point of departure. How else could know more about the durability of your idea that your target audience, your users? We apply decades of experiences when engaging users.


The Agency for Digitisation: Future of communication

Alongside digitalization comes a change in the need for public communication. Innovation Lab contributed with knowledge and perspectives in regards to the strategy of future communication and the initiative Digital Post 3.0 for the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

Silicon Valley Tour Innovation Lab

Silicon Valley Tour

10 years ago we took our most forward-thinking clients on a Silicon Valley deep dive. Since then we’ve hosted dozens of groups in what has to be the most competitive business environment on Earth.

Gründerhub Accelerator Program Innovation Lab Norge

Gründerhub Accelerator

Perhaps the biggest developments in corporate innovation over the last 5 years has been the rise of Accelerator programs. In Norway, Innovation Lab helped one of the biggest banks build a comprehensive startup program which led to the adoption and investment of a $100 million startup technology company.

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