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Forget the usual dust magnetic “white papers”.

A more in depth way of getting a more detailed picture is a lenghty analysis or report. However, Innovation Lab do not do the usual dust magnetic “white papers” but take pride in putting our excavations into readable formats with great attention to text and visuals. We have made video reports for Samsung which helped them build prototypes for smartphones even before the iPhone. We have supported the British government in a policy making framework going forward. And we have created maps for future revenue streams to boost attendence at theme parks. Just to name a few less than boring formats for analysis and reporting. Below you can find three generic categories.

Technology Assessment

Want to know if you are using the right technology? We can plot, map and point to new technologies that are relevant for your project as well as list advice for implementation, costs, risks and grade maturity.

Visual Report

Want to have full overview in a zoomable one page killer presentation? Our visual reports do that. Popular with Danish ministries they offer high convenience with deep detail. Any topic and be explored and visualised though we favor traits from the new digital reality.

In depth analysis

If you lean towards a more traditional format for discovering new angles – for examples an analysis to explore a future for broadband five years from now, as commisioned by the Danish government, or conclusions on how to increase revenue from examining your known as well as unknown data streams.


The Agency for Digitisation: Future of communication

Alongside digitalization comes a change in the need for public communication. Innovation Lab contributed with knowledge and perspectives in regards to the strategy of future communication and the initiative Digital Post 3.0 for the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

Silicon Valley Tour Innovation Lab

Silicon Valley Tour

10 years ago we took our most forward-thinking clients on a Silicon Valley deep dive. Since then we’ve hosted dozens of groups in what has to be the most competitive business environment on Earth.

Gründerhub Accelerator Program Innovation Lab Norge

Gründerhub Accelerator

Perhaps the biggest developments in corporate innovation over the last 5 years has been the rise of Accelerator programs. In Norway, Innovation Lab helped one of the biggest banks build a comprehensive startup program which led to the adoption and investment of a $100 million startup technology company.

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