The Worlds most Innovative companies

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What truly defines the DNA of the world most innovative companies

What truly defines the DNA of the most innovative companies in 2015? In this keynote we take a practical approach and look at the characteristics and features that can be implemented directly to your ogranization based on our first-hand knowledge of hyper-successful companies such as Airbnb, Google, Amazon, LEGO, IDEO, Pixar and Singularity Univerisity. 

We highlight trends within management, innovation processes, physical working space, culture, product development and more that keep these companies on the Fortune 500 list. 

The keynote consists of three different chapters; 

  • "Change will never be this slow again" - How digitalization is changing businessmodels and industries in 2015
  • Characteristics - How does the most worlds most innovative companies create their culture? 
  • Toolbox - About methods, tools and new ways of working in the worlds most innovative companies.