The Transformative Organisation

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From Industrial to Digital

The digital mindset

If organizations today wish to create a viable foundation in an increasingly changing and interconnected world, it requires a new digital mindset across the organization. When we talk about a digital mindset, we do not solely mean more power to the IT department or even more devices - but that the entire organization develops and understanding for the potential of digitalisation. It is truly the "Age of opportunities", but also a time when we must redesign our organizations' capacity to handle the changes created by digitization.

The requirements for the future organizations are: Agility, Openness and Scalability

Future competitive advantage is being able to adapt to changing user needs, technologies and trends in order to remain relevant. Our take on this, is the Transformative Organisation - a proven outline for organizational development. We have analyzed countless organizations and their struggle to become "change-driven". From technology giants of Silicon Valley, to Scandinavian companies and entrepreneurs. The 8 "battlegrounds" for the Transformative Organisation are:

The organization's purpose

  • Leadership
  • Talent
  • Structures & Processes
  • Assets, tools and space
  • Motivation Factors
  • Staff
  • External Outlook
  • Culture

The keynote will review each focus with examples and practical "how-to's", or focusing on selected areas. You will be challenged on your current approach to product and business development, work and organize yourselves on today, but also inspired on how to transform into a more agile, open and scalable organization.

The keynote can be scoped for tactical, operational or a strategic focus - depending on your wishes. Also suitable as a workshop focusing on the development of products / services, business models or organization.


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