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Strategic Happiness

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How do you increase your productivity with 31%?

NeuroScience, happiness and high performance

Brain research has revealed that your level of happiness is directly correlated to high performance , so much so that you are 31% more productive and three times as creative when your mind is happy. Today we know exactly how creativity and innovation looks from a brain analyzed perspective , with fMRI technology we can scan the brain in real time and begin to understand how happiness from a scientific angle is one of the most important things for modern management with a focus on efficiency, productivity , innovation and creativity.

This talk is developed together with Stanford University and is structured as follows:  

  • An overview of modern brain research related to performance
  • Lessons from the companies that have worked strategically with happiness
  • 10 brain-based methods to raise and train pleasure and performance

Watch a short video about the subject here (in danish):