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Smartphones and Experiences belong together

Learn how to improve the guests physical experiences during a stay, through knowledge about the digital tourist and the use of online tools. Hyatts Hotels Group for example uses knowledge about their guests in order to increase brand value, create more relevant marketing and to use in positive engagement with their guests.

Would you also like to improve your guests and customers experience, then Smart Tourism Experiences is for you.

  • Learn how you get in touch with the tourist/guest where they already are - online.

  • Learn how to create positive experiences for your guests through different channels, ranging from the digital to the physical universe.


Connecting the physical world with the digital creates greater experiences and more engagement. 

Our reality and how we experience locations is already affected by the technological development in general and especially by the smartphone. Our experience of the tourism offerings is thereby both directly and indirectly affected by the smartphone, for good or bad.

Due to the fact that more than three quarters travelers own a smartphone, the digital influence on the experience of location holds a massive inherrent potential. A potential rthat should be exploited by everyone who works with guests and experiences.

89% of all travellers make use of both their smartphone and computer for planning their next travel. 42% use their smartphone while traveling.

Smart Tourism Experiences

The Smart Tourism Experiences keynote/workshop will provide you with insights into how tourism experiences and the smartphone inextricably belong together, and how you can make use of this in order to create greater value for your guests. In addition, you will leave with a profound understanding of experiences and how to increase value based on digital as well as physical experiences.

Digitalisation, psychology and experiences 

  • How to use psychology and social sciences in the creation of unique and individual experiences

  • What affects our experience of destinations anno 2016

  • How can smartphones extend, prolog and expand the experience of a place or destination

  • Inspiration and best-case examples - experiences and perspectives

To decide on activities once at their destinations, leisure travelers rely on smartphones the most
Google - 'Travelers Road to decision' research studies 2014

Smart Tourism Experiences is relevant for:

  • Tourism Organisations

  • Conference organisers

  • Hotels, campsites and other overnight stayings

  • Retail, City Centers and Trade Associations

  • Theme Parks