• Signature Experiences

Signature Experiences

Authentic Branding and Positioning

The different regions of France intentionally attract tourists and guests seeking different experiences. In Paris we find the cultural tourists, in Normandy the history-lovers and dispersed on the land areas with specific grapes and food culture we find the wine enthusiast. A unique signature makes the experience interesting and easy to recognise.

What makes your town or region interesting and how can you use a strong signature in order to attract more and new guests?

When signature experiences are authentic and original it can supply destinations extra layers in terms of themes and a background for useful stories. Stories can then be used by local companies, public interests and private.

In addition these unique signature experiences provide a serious competitive advantage as they are location bound, difficult to copy and easy to recognise.

Specific signatures also create a solid reference point as that the common thread in the experiences is clear and the signature creates an attractive and specialised picture of the destination.

Uniqueness and signature experiences provides you with:

  • An authentic connection with a characteristic destination with obvious treads heading back time

  • A framework, which existing activities and local actors can relate to, and which they can build new products from

  • A strong foundation for a unique market position, where the guest, the tourist or the business traveler can use the destination signature as a frame for their own experiences.

What makes the experience unique in anchoraged in the local area, history as well as current insights and desires for the future


You can involve Innovation Lab in the process, where it makes the most sense for you, as a collaborator or as facilitators depending on how far you are in the process.

Important elements

  • Network development
  • Stakeholder involvement, local and passionate enthusiasts as well as coordinators
  • Development of signatures in interaction with partners and clients
  • Development of experience concepts that support the signature and a possible theme
  • Anchoring the signature


Contact Innovation Lab for developing your signature experiences.