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Officespace 2.0

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How your office space effects the company's turnover

Working spaces are not only a determining factor of your company’s ability to innovate, they are also a considerable factor for your income. Recent research on brain activity and high-performing cultures and teams reveal that physical working spaces have a great impact on our daily work. In fact, studies suggest a possible increase in productivity of 31% and three times the amount of creativity.

The world’s most innovative companies such as Facebook, Pixar, Airbnb, Dropbox and Google have all invested heavily in physical spaces to boost the creative and innovative capabilities of their workers. Our own research after interviewing these companies in California also suggests there is a clear connection between strategy, innovation and physical spaces. They can point to hard statistical data that shows physical space is a determining factor when you try to create a culture of sharing, collaboration, radical ideas and creativity.


The process 

There is an extremely important job to be done before the interior architects start their job in your new / upgraded office space. It depends on the project scope, but a good way to start would be a keynote & workshop to kickstart the process. A deeper look into this would demand a concept catalogue and a complete overview of your new office space like Innovation Lab has done for ATEA and Bestseller among others. Below is proposed process for your project:

Culture analysis

An analysis performed by business anthropologists of the workplace culture. What challenges and possibilities lies within the daily work? When, what and where are the producitivty, effectivity and creativity on top at the office? What type of meetings and workshops creates the best outcome? 

International inspiration

Inspiration from the world's most innovatve companies. First hands interviews with Pixar, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, AirBnB, IDEO, Stanford ++ where we highlight why strategy, innovation and physical spaces are so connected. Experiences from big and small offices, open landscapes, meetingrooms, war-rooms and social spheres that creates knowledge sharing and innovation


The culture analysis and the inspiration are put together in a workshop with a dedicated group to ensure that this new mindset, the new ways of working and the new office space is anchored within the already existing culture. To involve the employees in this process is extremly important to make sure that they have ownership and understand the principles behind  it. That way the new offices develops together with the employees and with new needs, new employees and new projects.

Concept catalouge

The results and ideas from the workshop(s) are collected together with international best practise and are our basis for creating a concept catalouge with minimum 10 detailed concept proposal for your new office space.