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Nudging keynote

How to use psychology to improve your business

Nudging - make better decisions

We don’t always make the clever decisions, in business or in private. Nudging can help you and your organisation make “wiser” and faster choices. A nudging keynote or workshop will give you an understanding of basic psychology and social sciences, and how to use human drivers to improve decisions. 

Nudging is extremely effective as humans continually overestimate the power of knowledge and intent. We do not act upon these elements, and attention alone won’t make us change habits or behaviour. We do not exercise more, if we are told it is healthy. We do not donate organs because we know it can save lives. (Fact: 80% of us want to donate only 23% are organ donors.)

The same applies to work, consumption, service, affiliation, productivity and just about everything we do. Intention and knowledge has little-to-none effect.

Nudging is the application of theory about human psychology in the design of choices and to encourage positive helpful decisions.

Keynote nudging

Humans are irrational, but luckily we are predictably irrational. This means that through nudging and behaviour design you can influence people in their decision-making. An understanding of nudging and human behaviour will make organisations work better, be more productive, more happy and more healthy.  

We provide the tools and knowledge for you and your organisation to create behaviour change. 


  • What drives us, and what influences our choices?
  • Why is knowledge and information not enough to make sound decisions?
  • How can we use human psychology and nudging in the design of experiences?
  • How can we change someone’s behaviour for the better?
  • How can we nudge someone to do something?
  • How can we change the world, or your business, through nudging?

Nudging can help you; 

  • heighten the engagement and interaction from your customers, users, coworkers and/or employees. 
  • deliver more relevant and interesting content and marketing efforts
  • create a happier work environment, increase employee retention, decrease sick days and increase productivity.
  • increase knowledge sharing in the organisation and improve social interaction
  • reduce costs and waste

Nudging can be used by everyone. From start-up companies, Fortune500, NGOs as well as in the public sector.

Albert Einstein, President Obama, Hilton Hotels,, UK Tax & Revenue and many others use nudging in communication, in business operations and HR initiatives. 

Disclaimer: We do not encourage using nudging for manipulation. We focus on using Nudge theory on designing choices for people in a way that will encourage a particular decision. We value choices presented in such a way, that people can make wiser decisions without losing their freedom of choice.