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Learn how to ‘hack’ your organization’s DNA to produce a vast array of new, innovative solutions

They are all doing it. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, British Airways, and a large number of top-rated Scandinavian companies.
They are experimenting with new ways of getting ideas into action. Fast, cheap and fun, it’s called a ‘Hackathon’.
An intense, time-limited, action-packed, sleep-deprived, coffee-infused innovation process. Hackathons are used to develop new ideas and prototypes fast. They originated in software sector but they now been used in almost every imaginable industry.

Our process involes setting a large group of people to work on solving specific challenges. Alternatively, they can bring their own ideas to work on. We’ve never seen a more effective innovation format in terms of creating new, innovative solutions, and the results are always manifested in prototypes and mock-ups. This approach suits any organization that is bold, curious and ready to make change happen.