• Fundraising and feasibility

Fundraising and feasibility

Funding for good projects and initiatives

All good projects need capital. Some more than others. In regards to tourism development, where external capital is often needed, individual and specific parameters are important to highlight to capture the interest of potential investors. Such parameters could be the socioeconomic benefits, cultural benefits, emotional and other non-monetary values. But projects also need a solid and transparent business plan, a great idea, visualisation of future possibilities and perspectives as well as budgets and development costs.

It is imperative to get stakeholders interested and make the project easily understandable. To do this communication is an important element, and format as well as the presentation needs to fit the project. Possibilities to showcase ideas, concepts and plans are multiple and ranging from a simple homepage illustrating the project, over comprehensive user analyses to reports highlighting opportunities and challenges.

We provide your project with experience and knowledge. We know how to guide you to different ways of funding, we know what investors value in project descriptions, and we know how to make a fund application stand out. We also offer qualified feedback and guidance in order to make the necessary documentation as well as to connect you with people relevant to your needs.

Our expert-knowledge and insights are based on development and planning of both danish and international tourism projects, and from experience with feasibility studies, user studies, concept development, budget planning and managing projects.

Funding and feasibility

If you need funding for development, you could benefit from drawing upon the skills of Experiences by Innovation Lab, in regards to:

  • Description and communication of your project

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Market Research

  • Concept Evaluation

  • Destination / Location analysis

  • Budgets and operational conditions

  • Project Design - time- and action plans

  • Financial Analysis - Framework of relevant funds and private investors


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