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Experience Development

Strategy and differentiation through experiences

Because experiences are personal, engaging and memorable.

The sales numbers in an Apple Store peak well above all other retailers. The difference is that ALL touchpoints are constructed in order to provide customers with the best possible experience. According to the internal training manual “everyone in the Apple Store is in the business of selling”, but it is they way in which the employees sells the Apple products that really distinguish them from other stores. The employees of Apple is trained in making the sale an experience and to address the customer on an emotional level.

Customer Experiences are more than Entertainment

A customer experience is more than layering your product or service with entertainment. It is about engaging and involving the customer in the experience and thereby creating a connection between the guest and the company on a personal level and in a memorable way. The different touchpoints can provide valuable information, but it is the knowledge about the customer experience all together providing the greatest value.

Experience design and business objectives

  • By expanding your knowledge about your customers and guests, analysing and investing in experiences you can chart the possibilities, where you can provide a positive experience.

  • From the values, dreams, wishes and expectations of your customers and guests, you can develop an engaging and personal experience.

  • By offering an experience you can differentiate from your competitors

  • By offering an experience you can charge more for your product

Experience Design by Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab offers to be your guide in the development of experiences. We have developed experiences and concepts in the service industri through many years. Through our comprehensive experience we are the go-to agency in experience development. From the first analysis, through concept development and project planning to budgeting of service and guest experiences nationally as well as internationally.    

All of our projects are based on relevant and validated process models and frameworks, but as no two projects are the same, we also often develop a customized process for you, depending on where in the process you are.

Experience development partners and clients

  • Retail, City Centers and Trade Associations

  • Tourism Organisations

  • Conference Organisers

  • Hotels

  • Tourism Unions

  • Theme Parks