Effective creativity & idea generation

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Too much potential is lost in the innovation process. The problem is not that we lack ideas in our organisation; rather, we don’t know how to collect and develop them effectively.

Innovation starts with ideas – but where do we do go with our ideas? How do we share them? How can we become more efficient in developing them? And how can we increase our employees’ motivation to think new and different in every-day problem solving?

We spend enormous resources on solving problems and designing new solutions, constantly feeling the pressure to ‘think outside the box’ and ‘be ‘innovative’.

There is incredible potential in involving people and activating the collective ‘brain capital’ in an efficient and systematic innovation process.

This keynote & workshop will take you through the need for innovation and ideas:

  •      Where the good ideas come from
  •      New tools to help you think outside-the-box
  •      Introduction to a hands-on approach to working effectively with ideas

Get involved and challenged in your ability to think creatively.