Changing any of your behavioral patterns may take some time

One key to succeeding with this, is to work with, and be more aware of your own resistances . By working systematically with self-management, you will better understand your mental strengths, strategies and actions. This enabling the conscious choices that make you as good as you want to be.
In such a process, we add up your personal assets and define your goals. We will identify the tools needed to achieve a lasting change.

Victoria has experience in “one to one” coaching as well as “group / team” coaching, being both a personal and a professional trained coach.
Together with our customers we define coaching methods that best suits you, in your “current” situation, moving you towards the goal you want to reach!

Team Coaching

Whether you are dealing with a new team or changing dynamics within an existing team, the Team Coaching Process allows the group to discover, clarify and develop a plan of actions for existing problems or challenges, while being held accountable.

We do this by:
· Face-to-face team coaching sessions.
· Coaching individuals one-on-one via Skype, phone or in person.
· Using our assessment tools to identify team strengths and gaps.
· Maximizing a persons abilities and skills in team settings.
· Designing a team development action plan.

Executive coaching

Leading an organization is not an easy endeavor, yet a leader’s character and competencies are decisive to any organizations performance and success. We work with leaders to identify their challenges, define the skills required in their role, and to assist in creating action plans for further fostering of good leadership.