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Strategic Design by Innovation Lab

More than knowing how our world is today, leaders must be able to imagine how it could be better tomorrow. The solution: Strategic Design.

Strategy as it has been taught to many of today’s leaders is outdated. Because our world has become ever-changing, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). The focus of your strategy needs to shift from engineering-driven to design-driven, from product-centric to user-centric, and from marketing-focused to user-experience-focused. The solution is Strategic Design – a practice that provides a unique set of skills and frameworks to balance creative strategic thinking with sound business decision making.


Design is not only beautiful artpieces, furniture or fashion. Design also involves the targeted application of creativity with the intention of bringing about positive change and help you create a clear plan in a volatile world where predictions are impossible. Design has become an important part of business strategy and an invaluable tool to foster innovation.


At “Strategic Design by Innovation Lab” we help you continuously apply analysis and intelligence in how you react to opportunities and threats as they arise and by that create more meaningful and useful experiences for your customers. 


We utilize designers’ methods and trained sensibility to seek a deep understanding of users’ conditions, situations, and needs. This approach enables us to uncover great new possibilities for change, improvement, and innovation.


We use a method called Co-Creation which has been designed to unleash creativity, get inspired and develop innovative solutions to your most important questions. Guiding you through a series of collaboration Workshops, we work on a specific business challenge with your cross-functional team and our experts. Besides that we also offer talks and shorter workshop formats to give you an introduction to our methodology and tools.


What are the outcomes of working with Strategic Design?


  • Action plan! Understand your potential, choice and possible experiences: What actions can you undertake today to prepare for tomorrow? We help you act on market shifts and behaviour changes continuously
  • Alignment! Create a common understanding, alignment and buy-in from all stakeholders across departments, from the CEO down to every individual employee, on what core experiences, products and services you want to provide your customers
  • Key customer motivations! Generate valuable customer insights, find innovative ideas to tackle your business challenges with a joint team from your company and Innovation Lab and validate solutions using user interviews / tests and prototypes
  • Clear directions! Obtain a distinct strategic framework and product vision: Create intersects between business objectives and user needs, while retaining relevance for future trends
  • Ownership! Strengthen cross-functional team collaboration in multiple Co-Creation Workshops and demonstrating the value of a user-centric development process


Or in numbers, Strategic Design leads to:

  • Higher revenue growth and return on investment
  • More satisfied and loyal customers
  • More market share and competitive advantages
  • Less money and time spent on product development




Explore some of the standard workshop formats we offer to support you in the different phases of your project. Usually, we build a tailor-made process for the specific needs of each of our clients.



Product Discovery

Building the right product for your users and your business

  • Matching user needs with business goals
  • Creating a mutual understanding about individual, team and business goals
  • Building a common ground for all stakeholders at your company
  • Aligning on the big goal you are all aiming for
  • Figure out how to build fast and fail early



Co-Creation Jams

Complex problems are best solved collaboratively

  • Defining your most important challenges: from the business- and the user-perspective
  • Creation of tons of solution ideas
  • Scribbles and storyboards
  • User flows through your product – website, app, online shop, you name it
  • A starting point for your UX team, for a prototype or a real (minimal viable) product



Get Out of the Building Bootcamp

Building the product right

  • Challenging your team’s mental models and overcoming biases
  • Build an interactive prototype and validate your assumptions with real customers
  • Identify real user needs
  • Improve user satisfaction and conversion rates
  • Strengthen your cross-functional team



Team Resort

Building stronger Teams

  • Creating a mutual understanding & a common team language
  • Providing a safe space to take risk and be vulnerable in front of each other
  • Defining common goals and gain a clear mutual understanding
  • Getting to know your team mates
  • Guidelines and etiquette for a better and more inclusive workspace



Tailor-Made Programs

The Skills you need to navigate today’s VUCA world as a leader

Our bespoke programs and workshops add value to your leadership skills by focusing on asking the right questions when solving complex problems, and with that enabling you to become an innovation accelerator in your company.

  • Learn how to become a successful Creative Leader in today’s VUCA world
  • Adapt a Customer-Centric Mindset
  • Understand the value of an iterative development process
  • Develop ideas that create real value and meaning to your users
  • Gain confidence in applying design thinking-driven innovation techniques and tools in practice
  • Create a solid toolkit to use for your own projects and challenges



Learning Expeditions

Transform your team to become Innovation Leaders Go on a Learning Expedition

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Transformation – We design and run tailor-made Learning Expeditions for you to meet inspiring leaders, learn thrilling innovation methods and become a Change Agent in your company.

  • Help you find answers to your most important challenges
  • Find new business ideas and start a product discovery process
  • Get inspired to create new ideas through our experts’ transformation stories, leadership mentality and innovation skills
  • Learn about a specific topic from Top Leaders e.g. Digitization, Innovation, User-Centered Design
  • Strengthen your team bonds by creating more meaningful and deeper relationships using the power of a field trip
  • By stepping back from usual workplace routines, you gain a new capacity to contextualize problems and optimize your existing strategies
  • Gain new expert know-how, learn new methodology skills and build your innovation toolkit to become an Innovation Leader in your company

Innovation Safaris

Join a dynamic and experiential way to explore and learn about the latest in innovation, finding inspiration and gaining practical knowledge that can be applied in various professional contexts.

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