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Are you curious about creating processes that create value on user driven terms and thereby makes you relevant to the customer?

In a world of accelerating change and transformation, where green transition and digital transformation is on the agenda everywhere, new customer needs and demands develop all the time.


If businesses do not face this reality, it will have fatal consequences. That’s why focus on delivering faster, better and cheaper changes and focus is set upon user needs in order to identify new possibilities to create business development. This affects your processes, which now should be driven by demand. If we continue the way we did before – with the same processes, the same technologies, and the same product we will get the same as always. As Albert Einstein said: ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.


New Processes by Innovation Lab is an expert in creating processes of development that uses demand and customer needs as a basis. This is done in 3 ways:

  • Learn to get an outside-in perspective with processes that break your inside out habits and establish an understanding of the userneeds. Gain customer insights concerning existing customer journeys so you can optimize these journeys, and customer insights that go beyond existing journeys, so that you are able to identify new business opportunities. With this you are able to set strategic direction.
  • Learn to identify business valuable ideas and opportunities through processes of ideation, test and feedback loops. With this real-life data (and not your boss) determines which ideas are good.
  • Learn to create a long lasting transformation by establishing, implementing and leading processes your employees are co creators of, and thereby are more motivated for afterwards.


Are you curious about creating processes that create value on user driven terms and thereby makes you relevant to the customer? Reach out! New Processes is curious and always ready to have a non-binding talk about your situation – and we have coffee too.

Understanding customer needs

Do you want a broader view of your customer needs and establish an outside in perspective?

Ideas and feedback loops

If we replace subjective opinions with data, we’ll get a foundation to evaluate ideas to be good or bad.

Sustaining change

New Processes by Innovation Lab knows that if you should succeed in creating value in terms of the user, it takes a consistent focus - and new ways to...

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