Design Craft by Innovation Lab

Design Craft by Innovation Lab

Every day, organizations miss out on opportunities, qualities, and “stickiness” in service and product design because of insufficient “design craftsmanship”. Design Craft offers the affordable possibility of:


  • Crafting tangible concepts, products, and services based on user insights and collected data analysis incorporating design as integral to your business -either through as-a-service ongoing collaboration or stand-alone deliverables.
  • Building the right design capabilities to solidify product and service design, expand people centrism and increase “stickiness”.


We live in an increasingly dynamic world where both small and large organizations have a need for constant transformation. But rapid progression shouldn’t come at the expense of craft and analysis that should be easily and readily available. That is what we are here for!

Most design agencies are either very steeped in tech, conceptualization, user-centricity, or industrial design. Design Craft by Innovation Lab combines a strong position in all four key areas, going from user insights to physical prototypes, taking you from ideation to execution.


Design craft is key to building deep and fruitful processes that give you the necessary tools for transformation, doing so by working with you and not just for you.

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