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Tilla Fischer

  • Communications & Membership Lead (på barsel)
  • +45 53 82 72 27

With a master’s degree in English and Linguistics, Tilla has a deep understanding of the nuances of language and how it functions. This interest in language, she has ample opportunity to combine with an interest in technology and language-based AI models like ChatGPT and similar, in her work at Innovation Lab. It’s the perfect intersection between these two fields, and here she works with figuring out how to best communicate with AI models to achieve the best possible results, and where to implement the technology. She shares this knowledge gladly when she goes out and meets the business world, which is eager to understand and apply AI tools.

Away from work, Tilla finds great joy in the world of storytelling in all its forms – from literature to theatre and film – a passion that is not only a hobby but has also led to work within theatre and cinema. The love for culture, but also technology, drives a desire to continue working in a way that she can meet people and find out how AI can be applied in constructive and ethical ways both at work and at home.

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