Nina Bech Stage

  • Partner og Lab Agent
  • +45 20 34 10 93

Nina is partner and co-owner of Grit by Innovation Lab and has more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing with a focus on developing data-driven business. She advises companies on optimizing their processes and helps them spot their greatest business potential. She also works with Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards, where she helps with strategic consulting in digitalization, marketing and organizational development.

Nina has extensive experience as an interim consultant, where she quickly steps in and helps companies solve specifik urgent tasks. She has also helped several companies that urgently needed senior assistance, when a company, for example, lost a key employee.

She is also passionate about Metaverse and believes that in 2030 we will spend almost six hours a day in the digital universe. In the past few years, she has held many presentations on the subject, which have aroused great curiosity among the participants. In addition, she also facilitates creative workshops for companies that want help to see which opportunities they are wisest to invest in in the long term, so that they stay relevant, regardless of what kind of changes the future holds.

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