Marcus Hølland Eikeland

Marcus is a senior consultant with more than a decade of experience working in the digital economy. He has a vast technical background with years doing software development, system integration and leading design processes. Today Marcus designs, builds and run corporate accelerator programs and connect forward-looking companies with transformative technologies. Among his projects are Grunderhub, which he founded and built on behalf of Sparebank1, Norway’s most successful early-stage accelerator program which has scaled to three cities. He was also Katapult Accelerator’s third hire and is now working as chief architect and lead facilitator for +Impact Accelerator in Copenhagen.

In his spare time, Marcus volunteers to educate the next generation entrepreneurs through Startup Weekend where he serves as a global facilitator and proud member of the extended TechStars family.

Marcus loves kiting, travel and especially a mix of the two.

Marcus Hølland Eikeland Innovation Lab
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