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Louise Overgaard

Skills by Innovation Lab is run by Louise Overgaard, who has worked with innovation and organisational development for 20 years both as an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur. She considers herself to be an innovation activist and is passionate about creating relevant changes. Most of her innovation experience comes from working in the public sector – eg. development of Dokk1 in Aarhus and Smart City development in both a national and international context. Louise has also been the festival director of Denmark’s leading digital festival Internet Week Denmark and has been senior business development manager at a Danish digital innovation cluster for the private sektor. Louise has a soft spot for kids and technology, so Louise has taken part in developing the NGO Coding Pirates – a nationwide organisation that creates IT-creative workshops for 7 to 17 year olds. Louise is now chair of the board in the organisation.


In other words Louise is an experienced speaker, facilitator and moderator and is passionate about the things she does.


Here’s a couple of statements from previous business partners:


Christian Schwarz Lausten, co-founder Founderment, Landfolk, Gäst, Seismonaut, ex-AirBnB:

“Louise works and leads in a trustworthy, structured and effective way, and at the same time manages to delegate and involve her team, so everyone takes responsibility. I can highly recommend her for any future assignments or roles she might consider.”


Brian Woodward, Communication Specialist:

“Passion. That’s Louise. It radiates from her the minute she steps into a room and just keeps on keepin’ on for as long as you know her. She’s a leader in the purest sense of the word; motivating people to follow her not through power or title, but through motivation, inspiration and, yes, that unmistakeable LO Passion.”

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