Billie Carn

Billie is a T-shaped person. It is her diversity of subject matters that enable her to connect the dots. She has a portfolio career ranging from Accounts Management for Bob Soto’s Diving in the Cayman Islands to being a Children’s Nurse/Lecturer in London, specialising in Research, Leadership, and Management of Change.


Billie uses the skills she used as a nurse; empathy, relationship-centered care, emotional intelligence to her work now as a consultant helping people to work together effectively, to do meaningful work. At City University London she led the re-design of the Leadership Curriculum as well as designing projects to improve team working on clinical units.


Billies Masters in Innovation, Creativity, and Leadership research project interviewed disruptive innovators globally.  The insights and stories from the research are encompassed in the Maverick Wisdom NFT Book. And as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, she contributes to futures research and finding innovative solutions to some of the challenges society is facing.

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