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Maria Lund-Søltoft

  • Lab Agent
  • +45 24 59 57 13

Maria has a background in the finance sector, focusing on the strategic development of companies and people. The past years have provided abundant experience in transformation in the software industry. Providing an understanding of what really works and what really doesn’t.


Maria brings a cocktail of a CBA education from The AVT Institute in Copenhagen and Behavioral Design from The Nudging Company by Morten Münster combined with more than 15 years of experience with business development in the insurance industry. She is passionate about succeeding with a bag of unconventional tools to help your company stay relevant in the surge of change caused by reality.


With a foundation based on varied experiences, including:

  • The invention of tools to mitigate collapsing buildings in the Danish agricultural industry.
  • The use of new technology to automate non-value-add activities.
  • Changing the corporate culture to merge the silos of business and technology.


Maria can walk the talk and provide you with a set of concrete tools to give you the power to execute needed change.


Maria creates insights, analysis and, most importantly, substantial change in your company. She does this through talks, workshops, consulting and projects. Everything she does is with an eye on the context. That means tailor-made alternatives to the “classical” change toolbox. We dare promise you that we can answer your “How” and that we can help you implement as well.


Maria lives north of Copenhagen in Birkerød, where the metropole’s dynamics meet nature’s tranquillity. Her work and spare time approach reflect the mix of dynamics and tranquillity. Family life is centre stage in Birkerød. When spending time in the summer house on Falster, Maria and her family nourish the analogue world with board games, walks by the ocean and books.

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