Kim Bisgaard

CEO at Culture & Business by Innovation Lab

About Kim Bisgaard, head of Culture & Business by Innovation Lab


Kim is an experienced CEO from the cultural/business world, he is passionately working with culture and business development ­preferably in a combination with one another. With a university degree, combining economy and music (culture), along with a résumé that shows a lifelong engagement with entrepreneurship, culture & business, Kim is both professionally and experience­wise armed to the teeth. 

Kim has an enormous network both nationally and abroad, a trophy­case packed with impressing results and a reputation for being sharp and provocative. Kim is made up of equal measures analysis, calculation and execution; he is a wacky, playful spirit; a virtuoso on his grand piano; driving a ‘69 Triumph Bonneville and has an eagerness for entrepreneurship, that makes Gordon Ramsay look like a regular “9 to 5” employee. At the age of 28 Kim became the executive director of ‘Horsens New Theater’, after just having handed in his university thesis focusing on culture and economy. Following nearly half a decade he left the position at Horsens New Theater (still the country’s youngest theater CEO) to become the leader of the cultural production center, ‘Godsbanen’ in Aarhus, which in 2012 had just been established.

Kim is a well­liked and experienced speaker, facilitator, leader and advisor, known for his energetic and engaged way of being, that is both infectious and permeating. He has thorough experience with management, consulting, sparring, conducting keynotes and board­work in both cultural life, the established businesses and start­ups. Aside from all this he is giving lectures, on a weekly basis, at the University of Aarhus & ‘The Royal Academy of Music’ where he is associate professor in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, experience economy and the industry of culture.

In short ­ Kim is an explosive mixture of a fast pace, great depth, ingenuity, a set of quite large glasses and an even split of humor and expertise.


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