Frederik Bonde

Partner / Analytics

Frederik Bonde, who is an engineer and has a degree in business administration, has a vision of making a difference for Danish companies. Strengthen competitiveness, productivity, traceability - all in all raising the barrier for digitalization in small and medium-sized companies. With a background in data analysis, cloud computing and process optimization, Frederik is truly an “engineer at heart”. 

As Managing Partner in Analytics by Innovation Lab, Frederik is working within the field of data science with focus on machine learning and data driven decision processes. In this field, he helps a number of companies in making valid decisions and optimizing their production and work processes. Frederik’s finest mission is to make sure that the field is easily understandable for his customers and to break data science into small steps which his customers can act on - today!

Previously, Frederik has among other things developed an IoT solution which provided the company HP Industrial with important datainsights to reduce the waste of plastics by an impressive 12 tons a year and optimize their production. 

Frederik is obviously interested in the many opportunities within industrial internet and in making business development more data driven.​ ​But he is also an enthusiastic bike riderwho loves to travel and has lived and worked in Asia, The Middle-East and Africa.


+45 61 61 95 95