Strategy: Silkeborg Municipality

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Strategy Development & Facilitation in Silkeborg Municipality

Silkeborg Municipality employs almost 7,000 people and is home to 90,000 people. In a rapidly changing world, the City Council is in desperate need of a strategy to bring all groups of interest together in new and effective ways to create better solutions.

The Challenge

When Sputnik5 had solved a range of tasks for Silkeborg Municipality, Hanne Ahrens was contacted to future-proof and facilitate the development of the municipality’s new strategy. With the starting point to be found from a range of predefined strategic areas of focus, the municipal leaders had to reach a mutual understanding and formulate initiatives.

The Process

Initially, Sputnik5 was granted thorough knowledge of the existing and new strategic areas of focus through conversation with Hanne Ahrens and case studies from throughout the organisation. Then Sputnik5 created an inspirational presentation of the newest trends within the strategic areas of focus, such as Citizens of the Future, motivational factors, innovative cooperation, and best practice examples from Sputnik5’s previous tasks. From this, Sputnik5 created a workshop programme for the group leader’s strategy seminar. The goal was to visualise and describe the direction of development and methods for generating results in the strategic areas of focus in Silkeborg Municipality.

The Results

The collective output from the process was a range of precisely described formulations and activities for each strategic area of focus, inspired by cases of internal success and the best solutions incorporated abroad and at home.