Siemens: Appreciative Inquiry

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Sputnik5 designede et forløb baseret på ”Appreciative Inquiry” og systematisk idéudvikling.

The Challenge

Division management within Siemens Wind Power wanted to create a culture that supports creativity, appreciates employees, and has clear communication. The end goal was to improve knowledge sharing and cross-departmental cooperation.

What We Did

Sputnik5 designed a process based on Appreciative Inquiry and Ideation. It was important that the process involved all employees and could be practically integrated.

·      Interviews with employees to gather insight

·      Design of a process tailored to communication, ideation, and recognition

·      Training workshops with more than 100 employees

·      Development and launch of an ambassador course, with the goal of implementing the different initiatives

·      Design of physical artefacts to promote the desired culture

The Results

·      All employees know the importance of idea development, creativity, and recognition

·      The ambassadors launched initiatives in the summer of 2013. The effect of these actions will be measured using the Siemens HR-Meter.