KRIFA: The Digital Organisation

Product Category: 
Organizational upgrade

The Challenge

In 2014, Kristelig Fagbevægelse (Christian Union, abb. ‘Krifa’) was facing the challenges of organisational drowsiness in relation to the development of innovative digital services and products. These challenges hindered the strategic vision of remaining at the forefront of the industry’s digitalisation. The union wanted to create a structure that permitted development and qualification of the digital domain whilst providing the optimal conditions for speed, innovation, and quality.

What We Did

Working closely together with the union’s leaders, Innovation Lab developed a process that permitted Krifa to update their digital skills and redesign their organisational set-up.

1.     Internal analysis and collection of the experiences and inputs of key stakeholders

2.     External analysis of best case examples from other industries and organisations

3.     Conceptualisation of strategic opportunities and organisational structure

4.     Presentation of recommendations, plans of actions, and required skills

The Results

Krifa chose to implement the majority of Innovation Lab’s recommendations.

This resulted in the creation of a digital unit called Digital Udviklingsforum (English: Digital Development Forum, abb. ‘DUF’). DUF has a higher level of autonomy than Krifa’s other units, as it is has a mandate and its own budget for developing Krifa’s digital services and products, as well as reports directly to the union’s leaders. DUF consists of a leader (full-time) and Digital Agents from every area of the operation working on an ad hoc basis (part-time). DUF acts as a catalyser and accelerator for all Krifa’s digital development initiatives.


Henri Brorson, Digital Development Leader:

“Krifa needed a pair of fresh eyes to assess the organisation of our digital development. This was partly due to the increased demands and possibilities generated by digitalisation and partly to our desire to heighten our innovation profile and implementation force. After an introductory discussion, we chose Innovation Lab as our sparring partner for the process.

Professionally and skilfully, Innovation Lab used the desired starting point to incorporate both opportunities and challenges facing Krifa. They combined this with their up-to-date knowledge of trends and ‘what others are doing’.

This resulted in a new solution tailored to match Krifa’s starting point and ambitions. For this reason, 90% of the recommendations were fully implemented. Others were infeasible.

We have now been working with this system for over half a year and the results of the new organisation are clear. Both our innovation profile and implementation force have been significantly heightened. Moreover, our digital developments are now more goal-oriented, meaningful, and coherent. There is finally an ownership of the new solutions in the organisation, which makes the jump from development to operation far easier.

Thus we extend our best recommendations towards the use of Innovation Lab!”