Ideation & Innovation: Schneider Electric

Product Category: 
Building innovation capabilities

The Scope and Need

Schneider Electric wanted to introduce systematic idea development in their Kolding department in order to ameliorate the company’s innovative skills.

What we did

Working closely together with the customer, Sputnik5 delivered a customised training programme, including:

1.     Training of 15 Ideation Agents from Schneider Electric: Two-day workshops that made the agents able to design, facilitate, and operate the organisation’s innovation.

2.     Involving the entire organisation: Everyone was invited to an Ideation Day on which every employee was introduced to tools for ideation and innovation as well as helped to develop new solutions for relevant challenges facing Schneider Electric. The 15 Ideation Agents were co-facilitators at the event in order to put their newly developed skills to the test and show them their new role in the organisation.

The Results

·    A group trained Ideation Agents to operate innovation (bottom-up)

·    Organisation-wide understanding of the framework of ideation and innovation

·    New solutions to challenges facing Schneider Electric

·    The foundation for a new culture that demands innovation and creativity