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Business Strategy @ OJ Electronics

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Internet of Things & Connectivity

With headquarters in Sønderborg and distribution centres across the globe, OJ Electronics develops and sells intelligent systems and HVAC solutions. With the falling prices of electronic components and more intelligent solutions joining the market, OJ Electronics faces big opportunities and challenges in both the short and the long term.

The Challenge

CEO Erik Damsgaard contacted Sputnik5 for assistance and a critical view of the development of the upcoming strategy. This strategy was to focus on updating the existing connectivity strategy and creating new areas of focus pertaining to Internet of Things.

The Process

Initially, Sputnik5 analysed OJ Electronics’ existing connectivity strategy, product solutions, organisation, value chains, and business models to pick out the most valuable and strategic directions to take. During the workshop that following, the group leaders and management staff gathered a collective overview of Internet of Things and its implications and opportunities for the company. Afterwards, the participants developed overall strategic directions for thhe connectivity strategy, including concrete plans of action.

The Results

The results of the analyses, outputs from the workshop, and existing connectivity strategy were collected in a new and improved strategy proposal composed of 15 slides. These featured concrete recommendations to incorporate into further strategy work. It has been agreed that Sputnik5 will do a follow-up on the strategy.