• Arla hackathon

ARLA FOODs Hackathon

Product Category: 
Involving customers in developing future digital concepts for ARLA FOODS

The Challenge

ARLA FOODS, the largest dairy company in northern Europe, are trying to engage in the many opportunities offered by the digital age - but are faced with the challenge of foreseeing the future user needs.
At Internet week Denmark in 2015, ARLA and Innovation Lab invited students, entrepreneurs, innovators and all other curious people, for an 8 hour open Hackathon to develop new digital solutions for the  "The Digital Milkman".

What we did

  • Innovation Lab co-developed and facilitated the Hackathon with ARLA's team

  • Scoping the case and scope: What are the challenges to be made and how to design the process to achieve maximal value for ARLA

  • Facilitating Hackathon with 40 participants.

  • Evaluation of solutions with the jury consisting of executives from ARLA


In just one day, ARLA received some 10 concepts and prototypes of innovative solutions that could potentially be future business opportunities. The jury was especially impressed by the level of detail in the pitches and prototypes. Selected winners are invited to ARLA to present to key stakeholders.

Hackathon in brief

An intensive innovation format where you invite customers, partners and users to innovate / hack on products and services. Most hackathons are about 48 hours and the only requirement is that each group produce a prototype which can demonstrate their idea. Hackathons originates from the software world, but is now used in all types of organizations across industries.