Aibel: Value Based Culture

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Bringing the company values to life


Aibel is a key player in construction maintenance of offshore platforms for the oil- and gas industry. During a period of rapid growth, top management reviewed and introduced a new governance model, which was to be applied to all layers of the organization. The ambition was to create a value-based culture.

What we did

Innovation Lab was working with the internal project team to develop innovative solutions to make the values visible and operational. Over several months, we did internal studies of the existing organizational culture, meanwhile referring to top management.

The study, as well as the proposed solutions, had to take into consideration the difference in subcultures in Aibel - from business areas, as well as geographical differences in a global company.

  • Culture study, interviews, and focus groups + Findings presented to management.

  • Development of new concepts to bring the values to life the workspace, via digital gamified platforms, and governance processes

  • Development of pretotypes

  • Business case + strategy for implementation of programme

  • Top management presentations and co-creation