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Agile Innovation Manager - Job Description

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Based on our experience working with agile innovation, we have build a generic job profile for you to copy-paste when recruiting.

Agile Innovation Manager - Job Description

Hi. We’re Acme Inc. - and we’re looking for a doer to lead agile innovation at our company.

The need for innovation and digitalisation is greater than ever. To some degree, organisations can resist some change, but not an idea whose time has come. We believe agile innovation is one of those ideas. That’s why bringing agile innovation to the forefront of our organisation is what you will do at Acme Inc.

We believe in the equation: “insights + creativity = innovation” - but if you add repeatable processes, you have scalability. Managing this will be your job at Acme Inc.

What we’re hoping to find (but please do surprise us):


360. This position does not require any specific education but we won’t hold it against you if you have a degree from a university or business school.


Proven success - and failures - in managing strategic business, design or innovation projects of all kinds

Like the Swiss flag, start up experience is a big plus

Experience with various innovation frameworks such as Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, Pretotyping et al.


Most of all, we are looking for someone who has shown the guts to push big ideas through, is a demonstrably quick and eager learner, and shows profound empathy towards colleagues, customers and partners.

What you’ll be doing and measured on (following the OKR framework):

  • Supporting and standardizing innovation methods, tools and processes. (e.g. Crowdsourcing initiatives, Sprints, Hackathons - please see AIM.)
  • Developing and tracking innovation skills.
  • Facilitating business units in de-risking new product- and service development
  • Discovering unmet needs and market opportunities.
  • Allocating resources for non-core ideas.

Practical info:

Term: Long term

Salary: Not enough - but freedom to pursue other adventures

Working hours: Whatever is needed

Location: 2-3 days@HQ 

How to apply:

Surprise us →


If you want to know more about agile innovation and the people skills needed to run it, please contact either Anders or Martin down below.