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The future of learning

Meet two of the hottest players in personalized & digital EdTech: Cerego & Lix

artificial intelligence

Bot why

...if you like big bots

innovation sprint concept development

ILAB Sprint

From problem to solution in 4 weeks.

Taxi cab in India.

Frugal Innovation

We brought home a unique way of thinking innovation from India: Frugal Innovation. Which basically means making more with less

Internet of things

Making Internet Things

Internet of things has been around for more than a decade and we have had emotionally fragmented use of IoT devices since. Now, IoT has finally become democratized and absorbed into everyday lives. It’s not too late for your products to join!

Gamification 2016

Be more productive, engage users and make work more fun at the same time!

Header image for Diversity blogpost. "Why 2016 will be the year of diversity"

Why 2016 will be the year of diversity

2016 will be the year where we make sure that our organizations are able to thrive and to succeed in a world with radically and constantly altered requirements & possibilities - by introducing diverse workforces, cultures and business approaches.

Risk aversion blogpost thumbnail. Jumping man in desert blue filter.

2016 - Redefining risk

Get this: it is safer to risk it all than to do the safe thing and make 2016 a bit like 2015. Indeed, maybe we should redefine risk as ”doing the same over and over”. When change is called for, not responding is an irresponsible reply.