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Platform for crowdfunding internal projects

How do You prioritize Your projects or effort in Your company or organization?
How do You know which ideas or projects are realizable in terms of budget?
How do You know what the interest and support is for new projects within Your company or organization?
How do You find resources to realize Your projects?

And honestly how much time do You use on figuring out these things?

Use Your time on the project

ProjectPad is a tool that helps You get an overview of the interest and budget for all Your projects.

Put Your project description in the platform, and see how people comment, like or support Your projects.
That way it is easy to know which projects to realize and which ones are better left in the drawer.

You can drop countless meetings, discussing project prioritization, budgets, finding resources and generating ideas and instead use Your time to actually realize the projects.

A flexible tool

Among other things You can use the tool to:

  • Find resources for projects
  • Find budget for projects
  • Learn about the general support for Your project
  • Gather ideas and comments for Your project proposal
  • Learn which departments are interested in helping with the realization of projects
  • You can even run project campaigns that are visible only for a single department or for selected people.
ProjectPad | Project overview
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