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Gamifying your way to employee engagement

According to a Global Gallup Survey performed by The Economist in 2011, 49% of the workforce are not engaged in their work. Ask yourself this - if 49% of my employees are disengaged, how much does that affect my organization's productivity and bottom-line numbers? And what about healthy employees? According to a report from Sundhetdsstyrelsen, 'Sundhed og trivelsen på arbejdspladsen 2010', you can save tremendous cost by improving your employee's lifestyle. The report concluded that healthy employees are less sick, more productive, have greater capability, and overall thrives more in their work. This is almost too good to be true, which is why we made "Lifehackers". 

Lifehackers is a platform that incorporates the very latest within health research, productivity, engagement and lifestyle, and combines it with the latest Gamification techniques and web technology to improve healh and engagement levels for the employee. 

How do you play? 

You play Lifehackers by signing up, and picking three challenges (so called "hacks") and three quizzes to finish before the week is finished. These "hacks" can be everything from drinking more water, to meditating, to spending 2 minutes each day to reflect on what you appriciate, and walking stairs. By doing "hacks" you are gathering points on behalf on your team, and off course, your mission is to win! 

"This is fantastic. We've had employees who lost some weight, some are bicycling to work, and some are saying they have much more energy. Overall, this has helped to unite the company more and boost levels of engagement" - Lone Ryberg, TopDanmark.

Target Marked

Every company, organization and institution with more than 10 employees can benefit from Lifehackers. 


The game runs for 10 weeks and ends with a big celebration of the winning team. 


Gamification originated from the gaming industry, and is used today across a vast number of diciplines and industries. The goal of gamification is to motivate people to perform tasks, by making the process into a game. 

Want to give it a try? Lets find out if your employees are up for the 10 week challenge of Lifehackers!