Crowdfunding Pitch

Attract your future clients and investors!

Crowdfunding video campaign

Today, Stanford Business School has abandoned training students in eloquent investor pitches. Instead,they learn how to make the perfect crowdfunding video campaign. This is how strong and medium crowdfunding platforms have become with startups and probing companies alike. A powerful and immediate reaction to your ideas as well as a marketing and distribution platform. It can only go one way for crowdfunding. 

Innovation Lab held the world’s first conference on crowdfunding before the term was coined (we called it ”customermade”). Today, we work to sharpen the bids for winning over the wisdom of the crowds to the merits of your idea.

Why to pitch?

In short, we see Crowdfunding pitches as a way to:

  • Convincing future investors, future clients, of the benefits that your next idea holds in store for them

  • Save a lot of money compared to testing and developing your idea in stealth mode

  • Bringing a better product to a more ready market and collecting comments and evaluations as you go