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Eat yourself

Normal idea generation processes often occur with brainstorms and post-it notes, with open and closed processes and a good atmosphere. That doesn't always reflect the reality in the the new digital world. Here your company is in open war with competitors and startups that you barely know excisted before they have a market share. 

For this reason Innovation Lab has developed a more "bloody" facilitation tool that brings the real savagery and real development environment into your company. Cannibal is partly a presentation of the world's most innovative startups and companies and what they do and how they capture new markets, and a facilitation method where the participants gets completly new roles and are challenged to start new companies that will steal market shares from your own business. 

Cannibal is based on the observation that the most succesful organizations never slows down, but develops by allowing new products and services steal excisting ones. If you don't do it yourself, someone else will.