3D printing

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3D printing will be bigger than the internet!

Google does it. NASA does it. Architects, doctors, engineers and even children do it.
They are printing physical objects from a computer generated model (CAD), and the technology behind all this is getting cheaper and more versatile – fast! So what happens to markets and business when we can print products ourselves? When we can print organs for a human being? Print a two-story building and all the electronic parts we could ever want? Join us for a journey into the amazing world of 3D printing anno 2015. A technology that disrupts the very backbone of consumer industries and acts as a democratizer of product development worldwide. Discover the endless creativity that this 3D tsunami is bringing in its wake, and why this is nothing short of a paradigm shift in human history.

The keynote is structured like this: 

  • 3D printing will be bigger than the internet - why? 
  • Scaling. From toys to prototypes, cars, houses and NASA's new spaceprogram. 
  • Materials and prices - from plastic to wood and metal. 
  • 3D printing for you - How will this effect your company / industry.