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10 trends for 2018 - Innovation keynote

20.000 DKK
Inspiration and perspectives for the future of your business and organisation. A keynote on innovation and trends for 2018.

Learn how digital developments could make a difference for your business and how trends and innovations enables new business models, services and customer experiences.

Trends and innovation keynote

The keynote on innovation and trends contains 10 specific trends that will affect your industry and organization in the future. The keynote will include international mega trends and local trends. The innovation keynote will enable you to anticipate the needs and expectations of a rapidly developing world.


  • Introduction to digitization and its impact on your organization
  • 10 trends and their impact on the market and user expectations
  • Best case examples of relevant trends, innovations and the latest business models

Tailored keynote on innovation and trends

As the keynote is based on your specific situation and industry, we develop a presentation that addresses your coming future. The innovation keynote is based on examples and best practice, thereby making it useful for both discussions, workshops and/or as a strategy kick-off. The keynote is developed as an interesting and exciting knowledge presentation that leaves participants in awe of the future as well as with their minds full of ideas and perspectives.

Innovation Lab and trends

We work with the most innovative Danish (and international) companies and those who would like to be best in class. We bring our knowledge and experience to our clients in the form of keynotes, workshops as well as long-term projects in which we challenge the conventional thinking.

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