Marcus Hølland Eikeland

Co-founder and Managing Partner Norway

Marcus works in the cross section of management, business and digitalization and has more than 8 years experience within his field. He specializes in managing change, with focus on leveraging technology and innovation to help companies adapt their strategies to the new digital paradigme.

From former roles as developer and project manager in companies like BOUVET and AIBEL, Marcus now works as a consultant with a wide range of clients such as CENTRICA ENERGY, STAVANGER KOMMUNE, NITO, STARTUP WEEKEND, USC Business School, TENARIS with more.

Marcus is the Co-founder and Managing Partner in Innovation Lab Norway, and works as a global facilitator on behalf of Startup Weekend. He also co-owns and operate who runs courses in Stavanger and Haukeliseter.

Key competences:

Strategy Developer, Change Agent, Facilitator, Workshop designer, Digital advisor, Concept Designer, Design Thinker, Innovation Manager, Project Manager, Creative Facilitator

Personal recommendations:

"I sought out Marcus to work directly with me as a management consultant whilst I was the HR and Communnications Director for Centrica Energy. Marcus has many strengths, one of which is that he is a continuous upcome of relevant People Agenda information including the latest trends, frameworks, and tools within strategy and innovation space. He really knows what happens in the world of innovations related to people, which is a great source of inspiration. He has the ability to see the wider strategic implications of initiatives, as well as the ability to carry out and implement various activities. He is very good at finding new and creative ways to improve the people agenda through employee engagement and strengthening culture. Marcus is talented, hard-working, empathetic and a joy to work with!" - Sirine Fodstad, Global HR Director @ Oljefondet

"Marcus is a true innovator, challenger of the status quo and networker extraordinaire... 
I had the pleasure of working with him on a complex project, that required skillful stakeholder management and development of creative solutions. Marcus excelled in aligning internal expectations with the project teams deliveries - not an easy task. Anything seems to become possible when you work with Marcus. He is extremely resourceful and capable of "walking the talk" 
+ Highly skilled, enthusiastic and a powerful communicator. In my book he's the ideal corporate innovation agent and intrapreneur. I can strongly recommend Marcus, and am looking forward to future collaboration" - Martin Overgård, Managing Partner, Sputnik 5 

"I’ve known Marcus for a number of years. We’ve had the pleasure of working together through young in Aibel, his internal cultural change program, through programs at BI – Norwegian Business School and through extensive discussions on topics of innovation, change and culture. Last year, while reviewing my research and upcoming publications, Marcus was a very valuable contributor to our thinking and our writing. 
Marcus is a leader. I’ve watched him rise to the challenges at Aibel – and seen him work through them with Young in Aibel. I’ve seen him develop as a Project Leader, and more recently, I’ve seen him drive passion, energy and engagement into the Startup-Weekend scene in Norway. When Marcus decides, he drives forward to execute on the vision, with the special skill of making everyone involved buy into the shared vision and work hard – together – to achieve it." - Christian Rangen, Managing Partner, Engage-Innovate

+47 922 68 921